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Blush Music North American Release

Without fanfare or pre-release promotion, Woven Hand's Blush Music was released in North America on September 2, 2003. Soundsfamilyre, which released Woven Hand's self-titled debut in North America, is also handling this release. ... [Read More]
Date:  September 2003      |       Category:  Album News 
Blush Limited Edition

Woven Hand - Blush: the limited edition music score will be released on June 1, 2003 and will only be available through Glitterhouse mail order.... [Read More]
Date:  May 2003      |       Category:  Album News 
Woven Hand Summer Tour

Woven Hand will embark on yet another tour of Europe this summer. This time around some of the dates will be supporting the live performance of "Blush".

From the Glitterhouse Records web site:

"Woven Hand will come back to E... [Read More]
Date:  March 2003      |       Category:  Tour News 
Woven Hand North American CD Release

As previously mentioned, the North American version of Woven Hand will be released to music stores on March 4. Soundsfamilyre Records, however, is releasing the CD a few weeks early via their online store. Here is the full announc... [Read More]
Date:  February 2003      |       Category:  Album News 
Blush Music Limited Edition CD

A limited edition collector's CD of Blush Music is planned for a May/June 2003 release. The CD will be the music score of the dance production Blush, without the additional lyrics. This limited edition version of Blush Music will ... [Read More]
Date:  February 2003      |       Category:  Album News 
Sonic Boom

Ultima Vez has now confirmed that the music for their next production "Sonic Boom" (previously titled Metamorphosen) will be composed by David Eugene Edwards, among others. The dance production will premiere on April 18 in Amsterd... [Read More]
Date:  January 2003      |       Category:  Other Projects News 
Woven Hand Tour

The final tour routing is now in place for Woven Hand's next tour. The European tour will begin in February 2003 following the release of the Blush CD on Glitterhouse Records and will continue for four weeks. The Blush tour is sch... [Read More]
Date:  December 2002      |       Category:  Tour News 
Blush Music Release Date

Glitterhouse Records has just set February 3, 2003 as the release date for the second Woven Hand CD, the music score to the dance project Blush. At this time the recording has not been completed so additional details including a s... [Read More]
Date:  November 2002      |       Category:  Album News 
U.S. Release of Woven Hand

Soundsfamilyre recently announced that their North American release of the self-titled Woven Hand CD will be March 4, 2003. The songs will remain the same and the artwork will differ only slightly from the Glitterhouse version. Th... [Read More]
Date:  November 2002      |       Category:  Album News 
U.S. Release of Woven Hand

The Woven Hand CD has been available in Europe through Glitterhouse Records for several months. In January 2003 it will finally be released in the U.S. It was mentioned earlier this year that David had worked on some songs with Da... [Read More]
Date:  August 2002      |       Category:  Album News 
Blush Music

The Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad recently reported that David Eugene Edwards will compose the music for the next dance project of Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus. This news came via a fan on the 16 Horsepower emailing li... [Read More]
Date:  July 2002      |       Category:  Album News 
Radio Interview

Our friends on the Slim Cessna's Auto Club group have informed us about an upcoming radio appearance by David:

"David will be making an appearance on Radio 1190's Local Shakedown program this Friday, 4/5. I'm told that it will ... [Read More]
Date:  April 2002      |       Category:  Radio/TV News 
Woven Hand U.S. Shows

Woven Hand is scheduled to play two shows in the U.S. - one before the upcoming European tour and one a few months after. The first is a tour warm-up date in David's hometown of Denver, Colorado. The second show will be during the... [Read More]
Date:  April 2002      |       Category:  Tour News 
Woven Hand European Tour

All of the tour dates for the upcoming Woven Hand European tour are now confirmed. As far as future touring plans are concerned, Woven Hand's booking agent has this to say:

"Woven Hand will tour throughout Europe from mid April... [Read More]
Date:  March 2002      |       Category:  Tour News 
Woven Hand

David Eugene Edwards will release a solo album this year under the name Woven Hand. Glitterhouse is planning to release the album sometime in March. Although a U.S. release is possible in the future, it will not likely happen at t... [Read More]
Date:  January 2002      |       Category:  Album News 
Woven Hand

Denver Post has recently included an article about Woven Hand. Here is an excerpt:

"Edwards has recorded his first solo effort under the name Woven Hand with 16HP producer Robert Ferbrache... The record will be released in Febr... [Read More]
Date:  October 2001      |       Category:  Recording News 
Woven Hand Tour

In anticipation of the upcoming Woven Hand release David Eugene Edwards and Daniel McMahon will be playing a few live dates. The first date is in Denver, Colorado at the Gothic Theatre opening for The Czars. The show will be a rel... [Read More]
Date:  September 2001      |       Category:  Tour News 
Woven Hand

David Eugene Edwards has a new side project named Woven Hand. He is joined by a friend from Denver, Daniel McMahon, on stringed instruments and organ. Glitterhouse will release their debut in early 2002 in Europe. No word yet on a... [Read More]
Date:  September 2001      |       Category:  General News 
David Eugene Edwards Plays Solo Show

David Eugene Edwards played a solo show on October 7 at the Crossing Border Festival in the Netherlands. Jean-Yves joined him on a few songs.

Setlist: Flowers at Heart / Black Bush / Horse Head / Golden Rope / Pure Clob Road / ... [Read More]
Date:  October 1999      |       Category:  Tour News 

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