You Need To Try This New Face Wash

Hello once again friends. This is Woven Hand, one of the funnest and most informative blogs on the web!

Today I am going to be telling all of you about a brand new face wash that I had the pleasure of trying recently. It was bought for me as a gift.

It was my birthday recently and my girlfriend, being the awesome lady that she is, showered me with a plethora of exciting gifts.

My favourite out of the entire lot was a new type of face wash that I had never heard before. It has been made to be used by men, and mainly by men that have short to medium length stubble.

man washing face

This was a perfect purchase for me as on average I usually have about 5 day stubble on my face. My girlfriend also informed me that she had bought it from boots, which was great to hear. I’ve always trusted in boots, and I know that the majority of the products they sell are very high quality.

Anyway, long story short, I have been very happy with the wash itself. I use it most mornings and it makes my face feel really fresh for the whole day. Another great thing about it is the smell/scent. It simply smells amazing! Trust me, if any guys are reading this, you need to try some of this stuff. My girlfriend also loves the smell and as a result she can’t stop smelling me!

All in all I think this is a great product, and I definitely will be making my way down to boots to buy some more once it runs out.

If you’re interested, and also don’t live particularly close to a boots store, you can always access the face wash on this page too.

Happy shopping everyone and I hope you enjoy the product!