Struggling To Control Your Beard Hair?

The beard enthusiasts are back once again to inform of the latest and greatest new products that are out there on the market. Today our point of discussion will be beard combs – the ultimate tool to taming your beard each and every day.

What’s the worst thing about having a beard? I’m well aware that probably over 50% of the people that are reading this won’t be able to answer this, but I’ll ask it again: what’s the hardest part about having a beard?

I can imagine a lot of people coming back with various answers. Some might say that it overheats their face, and at times they feel claustrophobic. Others might say that it makes their neck and the skin on their face too itchy, however these people most likely don’t have beards anymore.

When I speak to friends, most of them say that the hardest thing is being able to control and style their facial hair. A lot of them often have to accept the fact that they have to leave the house each morning for work with their facial hair looking a bit misshapen or wild.

man combing beard

Well my friends, if you often find yourself in this predicament too then I might just have the answer for you. Have you ever tried using a beard comb!

They are quite self explanatory – it’s a comb for your beard, but they can really work wonders and are in my opinion the number one way of styling and shaping your beard in your image. Forget a brush or even a standard hair comb – beard combs are the way forward, and I’m hoping now that you are starting to agree with me too.

This is usually the part where you’d ask where I got mine from. I found mine online by searching for a pettine per barba. That’s the Italian translation. The Italians are pretty good at making them so that is always worth keeping in mind.

So, this has been a bit of a short one, but I just want to stress this point. Go and get your hands on comb for your beard if you want to finally take control of it once and for all.