A Perfect Balm For Your Beard

This one is coming to as a result of a pressing request from one individual reader. As I’m sure you’re aware, beards are now commonplace amongst the younger generation of men across the western world. I’m not entirely what caused this, or even if there is a certain cause but there’s no denying it – beards are back. By the looks of things it seems that they are here to stay too, at least for a while yet.

This new fashion trend has undoubtedly caused many business owners and entrepreneurs to take note and begin releasing lines of products and accessories for your facial hair.

I don’t really see myself as a conformist, but I have to admit that this new craze has subconsciously had an effect on me, and this year even I have attempted to grow a beard. It hasn’t been easy, and is definitely far from pretty, but 6 months on and I’m finally beginning to think that my facial hair is starting to look good. Now that its at a decent length I’ve started perusing and spotted a few products that take my fancy.

Coincidentally it was at this time when the reader of this blog got in contact with and asked me to review a product he had recently bought. It’s a leave in conditioning beard balm. The balm itself is supposed to have many effects on the hair from relieving itchy skin, to preventing split ends. It’s even supposed to soften the hairs and help keep them under control. This idea of taking control of my beard is what appealed to me the most. So I bought it, and tried it out, and this is what I have to say about it.

applying beard balm

It’s pretty darn good. The light scent was the first thing I noticed. It’s a really pleasant smell and stays with you all day. The next thing I noticed was the ease at which I was combing and shaping my whiskers in the morning. On any typical morning I’d have to spend a good five minutes battling with each strand of hair, but now it’s a hell of a lot easier.

I never really suffered from a dry neck during the months where I was simply growing the hairs on my face, but I do admit that my neck and the skin around it was quite a bit less irritable after using the balm for a few days. I also find myself stroking it quite a bit more than I used to. I guess that’s because it’s generally softer now. Overall, one of my favourite things about it is that it comes in a small round tin, which means I can have it with me when I go about my day. Its so simple, I just slip it into my front pocket and its there if I need it. In conclusion, I’m a big fan of this stuff and will definitely be buying it again once it runs out.