You Know What’s Coming

I really want to keep this momentum going. I’ve really enjoyed the response (despite the fact that it is very small) that we have received so far. You know what that means. More reviews from more niches. Prepare yourselves!

What is the best desk lamp around?

Our second ever review has arrived, and in good time too. This one was a bit of a no brainer for me. I’ve spent a lot of time over this previous month kitting out my new study in my home. I bought book shelves, a fancy new desk and even a nice carpet to cover my wooden floors. What I forgot to buy at the furniture shop in the city was a lamp for my desk. I always need one of these as I’m regularly staying up late to finish off work. I did already have one, but to tell you the truth its pretty ugly and the power of the bulb is fading a little bit.

I know I could have just changed the bulb and it would be like brand new, but I really liked the idea of getting a new one so that is what I did. I live in the styx, and the nearest city is quite a long way away. Because of this I was pretty annoyed that I’d completely forgotten to buy a lamp when I was in the city. I wasn’t really up for going back there and wasting a whole weekend just for one item, so I decided the best thing for me to do would be to buy one online.

I really love buying stuff online, but the only problem, especially with things such as furniture, is you can’t try before you buy. Granted, whenever you buy something online you are shown a picture of what it looks like, but sometimes these pictures aren’t incredibly accurate, or when the item arrives it doesn’t look like what you’d expected it to look like.


My only option was to trust the reviews online left by others that had bought the product. There was one in particular which had quite a few glowing reviews, so I went for it. Luckily it wasn’t too big of a risk because it wasn’t incredibly expensive. Ideally, I had wanted an LED desk lamp that helps light my desk, and this one seemed to fit the bill.

As soon as it arrived I put it to the test and immediately I could tell I’d made the right decision. Everything on my desk was suddenly incredibly well lit. It has a slick design, and even has a little usb port, so I can charge things like my kindle, phone and iPod without having to turn on my computer which is pretty handy. Overall I really like it and I suggest you get it too if you’re want to liven up your desk in the near future.

What Would You Like Us To Review?

We want to know what you’d like to see us review. We are already one down, and do have quite a few others lined up, but rather than just publish what we think is worth talking about, we want to know what you want to see reviewed. Feel free to get in touch and tell us what you think.

Our first attempt at a meaningful review – This handy grill mat

Greetings Woven Hand fans. Our first official product review is ready for your inspection. As I’m sure you can guess from the title of this post, we will be looking at one particular product – the grill mat. In case you didn’t already know, this is a mat or thin slab you place across a bbq grill. This is great for sunny days in the garden when you don’t necessarily want a grilled steak but you still want to cook outside.

It’s a pretty genius idea and I’m surprised it’s taken the human race so long to figure it out. You don’t just have to use it with meet, you can practically cook anything on them. Another bonus is that they are incredibly easy to clean, in fact for some of them you can just stick them in the dish washer like a normal plate.

Another great bonus of using these rather than placing your barbecued meat or vegetables straight onto the grill is the amount of time and effort it saves you. The fact that the mats are so easy to use and clean means you essentially won’t ever have to clean the grill itself. Those of you that have barbecues will know how long, tedious and boring this job can be, especially on a Sunday when you all want to do is kick back, have a beer and watch the game. These handy mats make all of that possible. Alternatively, if the dishwasher is empty you can just hand wash the mats in the sink.

Another thing I like about these is they’re pretty good for storing too. Some grill mats are rather like slabs in that you can’t fold them away and they take up quite a bit of room in the cupboard. These ones are different however. You can fold them up to your heart’s content!

Contrary to what a lot of people think, you can actually get a great deal of use from these mats, and cook on them hundreds and hundreds of times before they stop working as well as they did previously. For the price, you can see why I think these are pretty damn good value!

The Beginning of Woven Hand

Woven Hand is go! We are product review specialists and here to make your life much easier when it comes to purchasing things online. No one likes being scammed or let down by an item they bought with sincere hope of the web. That’s why we’ve put together this blog so we can review products at your request and let you know if there are any particular items we think you should avoid.